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Welcome to RecipeSavants!

Welcome fellow cooking enthusiasts! My name is Robert and I’m thrilled that you’ve visited here at RecipeSavants. While for the past 25 years, I have been a software developer, in 2016, I developed RecipeSavants as a technical and food-based exploration of my creative side. It is an ideal outlet for me to share delicious recipes and cooking techniques with you other food enthusiasts around the world. For me, the kitchen is an extension of my inner-most being. I have been cooking and serving meals to family and friends since age 13. Many have said that they feel the love flowing from my kitchen. The people sitting around your table likely say the same about you and your cooking.

My Personal Food Perspective

My food philosophy is elementary: food should be a feast of all five senses. Preparing meals should be based on simple, tasty, and real recipes that are easy to follow—not intimidating. Instead of serving overly-processed products from the grocery shelves, I prefer to cook meals at home that are delicious and nutritious. I have no tolerance for bland food. My penchant is budget-friendly, flavor-packed menus that are focused on taste and international flare. Since I believe that flavor is the soul of food, I gravitate toward all cuisines that are BIG on flavors. We can all eat healthier and save money by skipping processed ingredients. For me, homemade is always the best!

It's very personal

I take responsibility for all recipe development, testing, website development, and technical support. When I experiment with traditional fare as well as festival dishes, I create a delicious way to learn about new cultures and traditions. I am on a journey to discover more about global cuisines and customs. When you email or contact RecipeSavants, you will be communicating with me personally. Let’s travel this journey of food and culture together—from my kitchen to yours.

About RecipeSavants

RecipeSavants strives to provide recipes that are easy to access, follow, and understand—regardless of skill level. All our recipes have been reviewed, tested, and validated for the convenience of our members. Our website offers multiple ways for you to search for recipes, including by ingredient, name, or flavor profile.

The site has a modern design that is user-friendly so you can focus on your mission to feed your family within a budget. We are so much more than just another collection of recipes. We offer technical solutions, menu planning, and shopping list management. Besides shopping lists and menu management features, RecipeSavants also provides weekly tips, tricks, menus, and blogs. Our goal is to help make you successful in the kitchen.

Menu Planning

Recipe Savants also offers Menu Planning. This service saves you time and money because there is no guesswork involved. Your shopping list for the week includes everything needed to make your planned meals without missing one single ingredient. No more having to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work for an extra ingredient or going through the drive-thru at a local fast food restaurant. Skip the junk food or frozen meals and eat clean by planning your nutritious family dinners in advance.

Shopping List

Quickly make a shopping list with RecipeSavants – even on a mobile device. We have integrated with Chicory to provide recipe by recipe shopping lists. New features will be coming soon to make shopping lists even easier. Sign up for your newsletter to stay informed.

Do you know what to have for dinner tonight?

RecipeSavants' gets you organised for the week, simply. With a few taps you can plan your meals for the week. With a few more taps you can be shopping in store. Always know what is for dinner. We can even sms you a reminder.

Do you want to cut your grocery bills?

The average family throws away over $1000 of edible food each year. When you plan with RecipeSavants' you will only buy and cook what you need. If you have leftover ingredients in the fridge, RecipeSavants' will find a recipe to use them.

Do you go to cook only to find you are missing something?

RecipeSavants' gets you organised, simply. We create a detailed, consolidated grocery list based on the meals you plan to cook. Then, with a few taps, you add your regular items to the list. If it is in the recipe, you will have it, everytime.